Contact me today to take the EI assessment.

Contact me today to take the EI assessment.


What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to have awareness of one's own emotions and the ability to recognize other people's emotions and to be able to distinguish between different feelings and label them correctly.  Decisions are not as objectively made as one would like.  Emotions affect and often guide our thinking and behavior.  Having a high EI allows us to understand and manage our emotions in positive ways to overcome challenges, communicate effectively, and defuse conflict.

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THe impact of Emotional Intelligence and performance

Emotional intelligence training is one of the main factors that can move someone into the top 10% of performance, as Dr. Reldan Nadler wrote in his book, Leading with Emotional IntelligenceThose who are in the top 10% category make positive and significant impacts on the bottom line of organizations. A high EI is the strongest component of leadership and personal excellence. EI is responsible for 58% of job performance.  Self awareness leads to self management skills of our emotions and can determine our success in our performance.  EI is not measured by IQ tests. An EI assessment has been developed that can show your EI strengths as well as what needs strengthening.  After taking the assessment, with this awareness of what might be limiting your EI, I have developed strategies to increase emotional intelligence which translate into emotionally intelligent behaviors and decision making, thus leading to greater profits and job performance.


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