In Good to Great by Jim Collins,

we discover the key to taking your company to being more successful through the Hedgehog Concept. By incorporating strategic disciple to think and act with optimal thinking.

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg explores why women in leadership roles can get stalled because of a lack of taking control.  She explores steps to take to "lean in" and break the glass ceiling.

Emotional Intelligence

Increasing your emotional intelligence is paramount for leadership development and increases the bottom line. Become a star performer and lead more effectively.

Brilliant or Blunder

Lippett presents 6 mindsets that leaders need to be more effective in these challenging times.  She suggests that C Suite leadership requires a wide and flexible lens to approach different situations.

Turn the Ship Around is based upon a true story about changing the way you lead so that everyone in the workplace takes responsibility for their role in the outcome. David's story illuminates how this style of leadership promotes a strong supportive team.

5 Lever of Leadership by John Maxwell

Discover your leadership gaps and what it takes to rise up to a more effective leadership role.

Through the Labyrinth

Through the labyrinth suggests changing the glass ceiling metaphor for women leaders by offering a new paradigm offering workplace tops to close the gender gap in leadership roles.

Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

Sinek explores the Concept of Safety to improve management. When a leader takes an attitude to serve then everyone wins, even the bottom line increases.

Leadership From The Inside Out by Kevin Cashman

Cashman states that leadership is about being authentic.  In this book, you will learn how to lead from your authentic self thus developing greater interpersonal skills through self-awareness.

How Remarkable Women Lead

Barsh and Cranston present 5 elements of Centered Leadership to enhance leadership development for women.

How Remarkable Women Lead: The Breakthrough Model for Work and Life
By Joanna Barsh, Susie Cranston, Geoffrey Lewis